Landscape is an interface that connects the physical space between people and their living environment. This interface takes different shapes while transforming in time. It is these shapes, their transformations and stories that Praxis Landscape is mostly interested in.

Founded by Enise Burcu Derinboğaz in 2013, the office has been working at these transformational phases while pursuing possible relationships between architecture and environment.

In this scope it provides services for landscape architecture and urban design at a wide range of scale.

Praxis Landscape is the landscape team of Salon.


2020 Meles Stream as Urban and Ecological Backbone National Urban Design Idea Project Competition, 1st prize.

2020 Golden Horn Waterfront Design Competition, 1st mention.

2019 11th National Landscape Architects Awards, analysis and planning.

2017 Luleburgaz River Park Competition, equivalent prize.

2017 Young Landscape Architect, Enise Burcu Derinboğaz.

2016 Balikesir Municipality Building Architectural Design Competition, honorable mention.

2016 Beylikduzu Valley of Life International Urban Design Competition, 3rd prize.

2015 Beylikduzu Park Bridge and Connections National Urban Design Competition, 1st mention.

2015 Municipality of Tekirdag Service Building and Landscape Design National Urban Design Competition, 2nd prize.

2014 Ideas for the National Stadium of Eskisehir Urban Design Competition, 1st prize (equivalent).

2014 Gokceada High School Campus Architectural Project Competition, (landscape consultant), honorable mention.

2013 National Achievement Award by the Chamber of Landscape Architect Turkey.

2013 LOSEV Foundation, Health Center Urban Design and Architecture Competition, honorable mention.

2013 Municipality of Kadikoy, Kurbagalidere Valley Urban Design Competition, 1st prize (equivalent).

2012 Municipality of Izmir and Chamber of Commerce, Izmir Cesme Coast Urban Design Competition, 3rd prize.

2012 Municipality of Odemis City, National Competition for Odemis City Center Urban Design and Cultural Center Architectural Design, 1st prize.

2010 Chamber of Architects of Turkey, Coal Washery of Zonguldak City Urban Design Competition, (landscape consultant) honorable mention.

2009 Chamber of Architects of Turkey, Kizilay Public Square Competition in capital city Ankara, special jury award.